So what did YOU think?

If you'd like to buy "Crap I Think About," pop over to Pay Pal  and send a paltry $9.95 to the account of and you can be pondering the mysteries of the universe right beside me on your computer screen, your iWhatever,  "iFad" or any device that supports PDF. The book has much bigger photographs and ALL the stories. I promise. (I take the money I make from selling this book and put it into the David and Sheree Travel Fund. So don't think of it as just buying a book brimming with good stuff. Perish the thought, good Reader! Your purchase represents a wee boarding pass to somewhere exotic. When I sell enough copies, I plan to do a happy dance...and then pack up Sheree and hit the road again. I'll take you along with me. Where should we go this time?)

Slick commercial appeals aside, I want to thank you for stopping by. The Internet's a big place...and I'm honored you chose to spend some of your time with me. I'd like to give you a FREE GIFT. How about your very own attack balloon dog? His name is "Cuddles" and he gets along with everyone...except balloon cats...and balloon thugs. He's had all his shots (administered very carefully...). And he has a thoroughly sunny disposition, which is why he's yellow. Enjoy. Just don't say I never gave you anything.
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