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Sometimes an image feels like a song.

Sometimes you KNOW what song it is when you are taking the picture and you know exactly what you are going to do with the picture when you pull it out of your camera and onto your computer screen.

That was what happened with this image, taken at Rock ‘n August – a classic car show, just a few weeks ago. So…if you want to REALLY want to relax for a minute, as you zip (and/or flickr) from image to image – stay here for a minute. Or two. Relax.

Forget the rest of your day and all the things that are stressing you out. Click on this link and wait for the Texas rockers of ZZ Top to begin pouring rock and roll magic directly into your soul. When it starts to play, come back and we can visit for a minute.

Yeah. Ignore the commercial.

See the people? Why are they here? Why are they pumping fists to the sky? Because ZZ Top has attitude. It’s an unrepentant rock and roll attitude and it’s an attitude you get…or you don’t. I suspect the guys in ZZ Top are mostly indifferent, because those who “get it” feel a sort of shrugging pity for those who don’t.

Do the first few chords set your heart to pounding, your head to nodding (in an “I wear my sunglasses @ night” kind of way) and your foot to tapping? If so, congratulations. You “get it.”

That’s what this car whispered to me about as we spent a few minutes together under the hot August sun. It told me about cruising down Canal Street in New Orleans with the top down and music blaring. It whispered about a fevered back seat night or two at the drive-in while Liz Taylor smooched Paul Newman. It laughed when it told me about a certain drag race against a sleek new Corvette – and how the ‘vette’s owner wept as he handed over the pink slip when it was done.

Mostly this car talked to me about attitude.

It showed me how the light glistened off its grille and how its hood was raised in something that looked like an affable snarl. It flexed a muscular motor and preened a little when I looked with something approaching wonder at the pristine white seats.

This car radiated magic, even after being on the road for decades. It is still lean, mean and beautiful. And it knows all of this. Now I do too.

I am not a “car guy.” (I once tried fixing a stalled vehicle by stuffing a sock into the carburetor.) But I know what kind of things make my heart sing and my imagination take one of its wild and joyful leaps toward the stars. And this car did it for me.

I hope it’s done it for you too.

Y’see? Sometimes…a car can feel like a song.