Aside From Mine...

Picture read any good books lately?

Here's one that may just be the best book I've read all year. Have a look at this:

"The world has changed. The power grid has vanished. No electricity. No computers. A world in chaos. The Change demands new rules, old violence, and unlikely heroes. Murderous bikers - modern-day pirates - have invaded the Canadian province of Alberta. An enigmatic survivalist, Matthew - the "Gatekeeper," stands against their hordes, while Meteor - a blue-eyed rogue - refuses to choose sides. A biker king, "The Man," unites the motorcycle clubs and builds his army, with a goal towards - domination. None of these men are prepared for the wild card that is Martha - a woman with a will of iron, and a spirit of steel that will challenge and change each of their lives. But Martha has a deadly secret. . . . "

A lot of books SOUND good...but when you open them, you find a bunch of...well crap (in a bad way.)

Martha's Vine isn't one of those. It's a book filled with suspense...romance...magic...action...all the stuff you really wish that last book you bought had in it.

It's from a fabulous new author. You owe it to yourself to check it out. It's right here in case you missed the first spiffy-hyperlink-thingie.

Pick it up. Read it. Memorize it...and get Sheree to get cracking on the sequel...cause she can't just leave us hanging.