Let's talk about some cool crap...

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I spend a lot of time thinking about stuff. I travel. I take pictures. I do a LOT of Photoshop (as you can no doubt tell from the delightful graphic above and the one to the left). All of these things lead to a lot of thinking. Why waste it?

I have decided to write a book loaded with some of the crap I think about. You will see some sample thoughts on the pages attached to this site. Some of the stuff I think about may make you laugh...some of it make make you smile. Maybe some of it will make you think too.

Here's my idea: Pictures always tell a story...or inspire a thought. Or two. Sometimes they make for great piles of steaming mountainous thoughts. Sometimes they're just strange little thoughtlets that flicker in and out of my brain and spew themselves all over the page. But I have thoughts of all shapes and sizes to share with you about every single image. Sometimes I've met someone I want to tell you about. Sometimes it's a concept...sometimes it's an experience.

If you like what you read here, let me suggest you put a crowbar in your wallet and order a copy of my book, entitled (oddly enough) "Crap I Think About." I am never out of stock...and, let's face it -- it's never too early to start start setting aside gifts for Christmas...or anniversaries...or that "romantic day." In "Crap I Think About" there's a whole section about places I've been and some of the crap I was thinking about while I was there.

* Tromp the streets of New York with me to meet the cool street people who live around the John Lennon Memorial in Central Park called "Strawberry Fields."
* Go zip lining 300 feet over the Amazon Jungle...without peeing your pants. (much)
* Hit a Cruise Ship for a Trans Atlantic crossing, where each stop features a picture and a new installment of a gumshoe mystery
* Go to the Edmonton Indy with me in search of the late, great Paul Newman...and FINDING HIM!
* Check out what really goes on behind the scenes at the Onoway Heritage Days Parade...inquiring minds want to know, right?

There are 70 different chapters in my opus: "Crap I Think About." It's preserved for future generations in a high quality PDF format that you can read on pretty much anything. The whole book is $9.95...which works out to a tiny bit over fourteen cents per thought. Where are you gonna get a deal like that? I do PayPal only. The account is Send me money...and I'll send you the book. Presto. Like magic.

If you decide not to buy the book -- that's okay too. I'm glad you stopped by.  Maybe you could forward a link to this site to a friend or two...since my advertising budget was expended about the same time I registered the domain name.  I can use all the help I can get.